Do you want to learn how to sew and create your ideas?

Sign-up for the Sew and Design 9-week course. 

Here's what you'll learn:
  • How to operate a sewing machine and what you need to get started sewing. 
  • Learn basic stitches and seam finishes.
  • Learn how to take your idea from sketch to reality.
  • Learn how to take your measurements and choose the right pattern for your creations​. Learn how to read patterns.
    By the end of the course, you will learn how to apply the techniques above to start sewing your projects.
SEW are You ready.....Sign-up for the Sew and Design Online (LIVE) course held Jan 26 - March 30th 2019 (9-weeks)
Early Bird Price:  $297 through Dec 31st (value $1200)  $497 starting January 1, 2019) *BONUS The first 10 who register will get a bonus 1-hr training on how to sell your creations and get a surprise sewing package with goodies inside. 

Learn how to sew from the comfort of your home this winter and by the spring you'll be ready to start sewing more projects. Book the class now, that's only $33 per week for you to build a valuable skill set that you can monetize and get a return on investment.  BONUS: The first 10 who register will get a bonus 1-hour training with Dlang on how to sell your creations and get a surprise sewing package with goodies inside. 

More details on the  9-week "Sew and Design" Online Course 

About the course creator

Denisha “Dlang” Ferguson is the founder and executive director of UnZIP the Runway. She started designing as a teenager and over the years started producing fashion events and workshops to curate educational and business opportunities for creators who wanted to learn and grow in the fashion industry or who wanted to sew their own clothing.
"I taught myself how to sew at 15 years old and then furthered skills by attending workshops, hiring sewing and business mentors, watching countless amounts of training videos, looking over the shoulders of seamstresses in manufacturing facilities, making mistakes and studying garment production. I enjoy showing you alternative ways to produce your designs in a non-traditional way. I also look for ways to be sustainable and not wasteful. I may or may not use standard techniques at times when sewing, but the garments come out beautiful and with great quality, so if you love this approach. Let's Create!"
Dlang’s love for design and research have fueled her to develop a fashion line that’s tailored to the curvy figure, called Dlang Designs.
Dlang is also author of Amazon Best Seller, You Can, and has been featured on Forbes, NBC, ABC, CBS Indianapolis Star and Indy Style.

Dlang, Event Production and Fashion Creator

Once you understand the foundation of sewing, you can take your ideas to a whole new level.

Let's get started!

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