There are 2 core things that I believe about creativity:

#1 We are always creating

We’re creating even when we’re not actively trying to because every action (or inaction) has a consequence or ripple effect. This is the case whether or not we want it to be and whether we are aware of it given that it is both a scientific principle (e.g. “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” (Newton’s third law of motion)) and spiritual principle (e.g. “you reap what you sow” (Galatians 6:7-8)).

#2 Everybody is creative

Since we are all always creating, it follows that everyone is creative. This means that we must be
cognizant of that when thinking about the kind of life that we want to manifest. It also means that,
as discussed in my #1 bestselling book Year of the Creator, one of the first steps towards creating the
life of your dreams is thinking about what you don’t want to manifest. The second step, then, is
making sure not to habitually do the actions that will make you go in that direction. For example, if
you don’t want to be financially unstable- live below your means, save, invest and look for ways to
make more income rather than overspending, taking on debt etc. If you want to be healthy, eat
healthy foods, exercise, rest well and practice self-care regularly instead of binge eating junk food,
burning the candle at both ends and being inactive.
How to create the life of your dreams

“What if I know what I want my life to look like but I’m not sure what my next steps should be,
Denisha?” I hear you ask. I found myself in the same position with my afore-mentioned book.
Although I had previously co-authored 2 books (You Can and Prayers for the Boss Babes), I had not
been involved in the behind the scenes of the self-publishing process. With Year of the Creator it was
all me and, though I didn’t really know what to do, I didn’t let that hold me back.

I had a goal to create a guide to help people create their vision with God and offer the next generation of creatives the ULTIMATE blueprint to manifesting their ideas; so I did what was in my immediate locus of
control by prioritizing, planning and writing the book. After that, I studied, researched and hired help
with the things I didn’t know how to do. For me, that was promoting and marketing the book. I say
all of this to say, if I can go from having absolutely no idea what to do to having a #1 book, so can

Your goal may not be a book, like it was for me, though. Maybe you want to start a business,
launch a non-profit or an event (virtual or otherwise). Whatever it is, start from where you stand. Do
what you can with what you already have; then either study or hire in the areas where you are
unsure/lacking. Not sure where to begin with that? I’m here to help.

Schedule a call to design your “launch map” here for a detailed plan with resources and strategies to help you with your next steps! 



Photo by  Sharon Pittaway

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