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Are you seeking a way to pursue business ambitions with family responsibilities?

Turn your business or family transition into an opportunity. Now is the time to develop a repeatable business strategy that boosts revenue, connects you with ideal clients, and allows you to work from home or anywhere you choose. It’s time for you to…..


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This is where you’re at now.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin between your career ambitions and family responsibilities? Many entrepreneurs like you find themselves in a constant juggling act or revenue dip. Trying to grow their business while managing personal life transitions. You’re eager to excel in your field, perhaps even dreaming of speaking on MORE stages and expanding your reach. However, the reality of caring for loved ones or adjusting to new life roles can be challenging.

You’ve likely tried various solutions to strike a balance.

Maybe you attempted to delegate tasks or streamline your workflow, only to find yourself still struggling to meet deadlines and attend to family needs.

Perhaps you've invested in time management tools or enrolled in coaching or courses, hoping to gain control over your schedule and business operations.

Maybe you've tried seeking family help to attend to your business needs but feel guilty doing so. You've built this business to create generational wealth, yet you find yourself with no time to enjoy life. It's time to reclaim your balance and create a sustainable business that allows you to thrive without sacrificing precious moments.

Now, imagine this………..

You wake up feeling energized and focused, ready to tackle your business goals for the day. As you seamlessly navigate through your tasks, you have peace of mind knowing that your family’s needs are also being met without compromise. With a clear roadmap to making sales and connecting with ideal clients, you feel empowered to grow your business each month while staying close to your loved ones. It’s easier now to say no, so you’re focused on aligned work. This way allows you to reduce time spent on business activities and embrace a repeatable approach to business growth—all while remaining present for what matters most: your family.

You've implemented a repeatable process to service your clients and make sales.

You can stay relevant in your industry reducing all the hustle and bustle.

You now have the foundation, systems, and tools set up for success, allowing you to prioritize what matters most. With this process in place, you can activate it anytime—whether during a life transition, a pandemic, or simply when you're on a month-long vacation and still want to host events. (Bonus: Don't forget to chat with your accountant about how to turn that into a business trip. High five!)

Meet the Host

Hi! I’m Denisha, a seasoned Business Strategist with a knack for logistics, event planning, and management. As someone who’s thrived in recruiting and event coordination, I know the challenges of balancing work commitments while cherishing family time.

After organizing over 100 in-person events, I faced a pivotal moment when I had my daughter. Yearning for more flexibility without sacrificing growth, I transitioned to hosting impactful virtual workshops from home. This shift allowed me to connect with a broader audience while prioritizing family—a game-changer that has helped me still connect.

Navigating the business strategy maze can be overwhelming. Every day, new tactics and systems emerge, and when you come home, there’s still plenty to do. From heart-pumping, high-stakes 5-figure launches to million-dollar team event planning, my journey in event planning spans decades. I’ve worn many hats—assistant, creative designer, showrunner, producer, creator and more.

Ever experienced the sting of an event that didn’t quite hit the financial mark? I’ve been there too! Successful events require a solid strategy, tenacity, team and systems.

Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large virtual conference, I’ve developed a framework for success. Let’s make your event memorable and a repeatable success together!




“Create Your Virtual Stage” Challenge


“Create Your Virtual Stage” 3-Day Challenge

Welcome to “Create Your Virtual Stage 3-Day Challenge”! This is your key to serving, selling, and staying relevant—even during life’s transitions.

In this challenge, you’ll learn the step-by-step process to set up and host engaging virtual events from the comfort of your home or anywhere you choose. Whether you’re a parent, entrepreneur, or navigating career shifts, this masterclass empowers you to leverage your expertise and reach a global audience through impactful virtual workshops.

Join us as we dive into the blueprint of hosting successful virtual events, connecting with many at once while creating impact and income through your ideas. It’s time to reclaim family time, propel your business forward, and embrace the flexibility of working from anywhere.

Get ready to transform your career ambitions into a fulfilling lifestyle with “Create Your Virtual Stage 3-Day Challenge”!

This is for you if you’re an:

  • Entrepreneur

  • Business Owner

  • Expert teaching or looking to teach or share your process or framework

  • Coach with a program

  • Author or Speaker

This is for you if:


-You want to incorporate more virtual events into your business strategy.

-You are navigating a life or business transition and want to sustain your business.

-You see a dip in revenue, but you know other’s would like to learn how you did it.

-You desire greater flexibility in your business as a caregiver and/or parent.

-You seek to connect with a global audience.


What takes place each day?


Day One


Start by envisioning your virtual event, defining the vision, theme, and goals. This is your opportunity to activate your creativity and design an extraordinary event that perfectly addresses your ideal client’s needs.


Day tw0


Once the concept is solidified, I’ll put on my research manager and event strategist hats to show you how to capitalize on opportunities to fill your event and generate revenue. Your ideal clients are looking for your service. Let’s get visible and findable.


Day three


Finally, organize and systemize your event to ensure smooth execution, establishing a strong foundation for success. Here I’ll share simple tech and set-up strategies, plus additional resources to help you launch your first or next event.



Join the Facebook group to share your progress, connect with others, and get your questions answered during the challenge.  



Free | For a Limited Time

Every challenge consists of




Step-by-Step Implementation Guide


an activity that you can use to plan your virtual event

Denisha said:

Notice how top leaders are hosting virtual events to connect globally while staying close to their loved ones. Virtual events are projected to reach a market value of US$889.0 billion by 2032. It’s time to host yours and tap into this growing opportunity.

Here what Business Owner, Fluer has to say.


What if it’s not for me?

Take a moment to study any business you admire and see if they’ve ever hosted an event before. Hosting events is a classic business strategy that has been incorporated by many industry leaders, organizations and businesses. This isn’t about following the crowd—it’s about using proven strategies wisely. By being able to host events from anywhere, you won’t have to completely quit on your goals or postpone them.

Only sign up if you’re dedicated to achieving your outcomes in this season. This free planning session is designed to assist you in creating an event that you can host at your convenience.



Take the challenge and plan your virtual event to launch in 30 Days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly will I learn in the challenge?

In this 3-day challenge, you’ll discover how to set up and host engaging virtual events. We’ll cover presentation skills, event promotion strategies, tech setup essentials, and community building techniques.

Do I need prior experience in event planning or technology?

No prior experience is necessary. This challenge is designed to accommodate beginners and seasoned professionals alike, providing step-by-step guidance throughout.

How long do I have access to the challenge materials?

The challenge is designed for you to take swift action to benefit your business. Access to the videos will only be available until the end of the day on the final day.

How much time do I need to commit each day to benefit from this challenge?

You can expect to dedicate 1-3 hours per day. The challenge is designed to be flexible, allowing you to progress at your own pace and allocate time according to your schedule. After video access expires on the final day, you’ll have the checklist available for reference.

I’m not good at tech.Can I host virtual events on any platform?

You’ll learn versatile strategies that apply to various virtual event platforms, empowering you to select the most suitable platform for your needs, even if you have minimal tech skills.

How can virtual events help me grow my business?

Virtual events allow you to expand your reach beyond geographical boundaries, connecting with a global audience and attracting new clients to grow your business.


TO JOIN THE 3-Day “Create Your Virtual Stage” Challenge

Free | For a Limited Time

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