5 Things that are stopping you from harnessing your creative power

It is my strong belief that we are all creative however, there are 5 key things that block us from truly
harnessing that power to bring our dreams to light:

#1 Listening to the negative opinions of others
A common mistake that people make when it comes to harnessing their creative power is taking on
the limiting beliefs of their loved ones. For example, losing motivation or belief in their dreams
because friends and family have negated them. The thing to remember in these circumstances is
that many people will not see your vision because it wasn’t given to them. It’s your vision to steward
and carry, which means that it’s your responsibility to bring it to life; not theirs. My advice? Unless
the naysayers in your life have actually done what you want to do, don’t take their opinions on.
Most of the time they are speaking from their own limited vision or experience but if you truly
believe that God called you to fulfil your dream, don’t let that rub off on you!

#2 Letting other people influence you
Mentorship and coaching from somebody reputable that has already done exactly what you want
to do is invaluable. For about 15 years I bumped my head just because I didn’t know what I didn’t
know but mentoring and coaching gave me the blueprint to accelerate my journey. These people are
also among the people that I recommend listening to rather than your naysayers, by the way, but
there is a caveat…
Especially in the online business arena, influencers will market their techniques/products as the
thing that will help you towards your goals. Having our creativity influenced by others in this way can
lead to “comparisonitis” and take us off course. It’s important to remember that your success is
defined by you and no one else so that you don’t pursue something solely because you want to be
like someone else or because you’re chasing the latest trend. I like to release comparisonitis by
coming to a place of surrender. For me, surrendering could literally just be getting still, meditating,
praying or journaling. For you it could be going for a walk or being in nature. Whatever you choose,
it’s important to reconnect to your own goals and dreams, allowing you to harness your creative
power in order to move forward with them in peace.

#3 Lack of discipline
What you don’t do is just as important as what you do. In other words, inactivity is in itself an
activity; so, don’t overlook that. The question is, what are you filling your time up with that is not
conducive to manifesting in terms of your vision, purpose, goals etc? Whatever they are, it’s
important to eliminate them and replace them with more productive activities. This takes planning.
Having a plan helps activate your next steps and set a course of action; so, write the plan, write the
vision (as Habakkuk 2:3 says). Having a plan also helps you stay focused and anything that doesn’t
align with it, you are less likely to do because you want to stay on track with your goals. This is why I
tend to plan out what I want to do and then write it down each week in terms of the top 3 things
that I want to achieve within those 7 days. I then do my best to check off things as needed every day.

Another thing that helps me with discipline and implementing my plans is scheduling. To do this,
take into account your responsibilities and how much time you will need for your action steps. Also,
identify how much time you have and the days you can commit to the plan. Once you’ve done that,
add them to your calendar so that they become non-negotiable. Then, implement!

#4 Fear
Another thing keeping people from harnessing their creative power is fear of failure. I, personally,
have had many. The one that immediately comes to mind is the Kickstarter that I did a few years
ago. I did that campaign and did all the necessary steps that I was advised to take (e.g. building an
email list, funnel etc. for approximately 6 months prior to launching) but it still did not get funded.
My ego was bruised, I felt embarrassed and deflated because all of the people who said they were
going to buy my product just didn’t buy it. About 20 women did, though; so I still fulfilled those
orders and made sure to get testimonials.

Even though the Kickstarter didn’t get funded and I didn’t get to put “fully funded Kickstarter” on my
byline, looking back, it gave me the blueprint to know how to do a launch in terms of preparation,
having 30 days of marketing leading up to it and then having a fulfilment system in place. The
knowledge gained from this “failed” Kickstarter is actually what gave me the complete blueprint on
how to launch my recently self-published book, Year of the Creator, which actually became a #1
Amazon Bestseller. I say all of this to say, I overcame by refusing to give up, allowing myself to learn
the lessons from that experience and not being afraid to try again, and you can too. It’s not failure if
you use the experience to propel you forward rather than keep you down.

#5 Thinking you have to do it all
Harnessing your creative power is not only scary and intimidating at times, it’s usually bigger than
us. This typically means that it will take more than just you to bring your dreams to life. You are a
limited resource; so it’s important to ask for help and/or build a team to delegate to. With me, I
realized that in order for me to grow I have to hire people; so it was just a matter of figuring out how
I could do that and what was comfortable with my budget. Hiring other people to operate in a
genius that may not necessarily be mine is one strategy that has significantly helped me, especially
because of my schedule.

It can do the same for you too. If one of the things that you’ve been crying
out for help with is a launch strategy, you don’t have to figure it out alone either. Simply click here to
schedule a call with me to design your “launch map”, get a detailed plan with resources and
strategies for your next steps!

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