How to stop overcomplicating your dreams

I say all the time that when it comes to harnessing your creative power to make your dreams come
true, the best thing to do is just start! However, when I say that, I’m typically met with resistance
from people who say that it’s not that simple. Was that your reaction too? Here are 4 ways to stop
making achieving your goals so hard:

#1 Stop overthinking it
One of the ways that we overcomplicate harnessing our creative power is overthinking. We ask
ourselves: “How will I make my dream happen?” “What if I fail?” “Who will buy from me?” These
questions constantly swimming around in our heads unanswered can lead to analysis paralysis. Not
only does this lead to stagnancy, it wastes a lot of time because the answers to most of our
questions don’t become clear until we make a move. They say experience is the greatest teacher for
a reason. This means that you don’t achieve by theorizing and staying stuck in your head; so stop
overthinking it and make a move towards your dream today!

#2 Seek help
We also overcomplicate our ability to harness our creative power when it comes to bringing our
dreams to life by thinking that we have to do it all by ourselves. The truth is that a God-given dream
will always be bigger than you. This also means that it will take more than just you to bring it to pass.
You are a limited resource in terms of time, energy and finances. You also don’t know everything nor
are you the best in every area that concerns your dreams. This is why it’s important to ask for help
and/or hire experts to operate in a genius that may not necessarily be yours.

#3 Dream big but start simplistic

Another thing that can lead to analysis paralysis when it comes to making our dreams come true is
overwhelm. If you’re anything like me, you have big dreams. The gap between those dreams and
your current circumstances can lead to overwhelm when you’re not sure how to get there. My
advice? Dream big but start simplistic. Meaning: you might have plans to be an international fashion
designer, for example, but have you sewn your first piece? What about your first collection? Have
you got customers in your home town? Or- you may want to write a book, but have you written a
brief? What about your first paragraph or chapter? As the saying goes “each journey of a thousand
miles begins with just one single step”. Rather than being overwhelmed by the thousand, simply
concentrate on taking one step at a time and trust the process.

#4 Start from where you stand
Dreaming big but starting small also means starting from where you stand. This means breaking your
dreams down into mini, incremental steps. What this will do is allow you to start with where you are
now (in terms of budget, skill, space and whatever else you need to succeed) and then build up to
your fully realized dream. So, going back to the book writing example, you might just have an idea at
the moment. Starting from where you stand, in that case, would be to flesh that idea out by writing
a book plan or brief outlining the themes you’d like to tackle. The next step might be to think about
the book order and what chapter to assign to each theme. After that, it might be to look at your
schedule and think about when you can fit writing in every day/week. Then, it might be to actually
implement the plan until the book is complete. Get the point? Good! How can you do the same for your dreams?

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