Show up and Show Out!

Show time is nearing. We have 2 hours left, before the doors open to the public. I have a calm demeanor, not thinking about fear, let down, who’s not there, or anything negative, not because I do recognize it, but because there’s no time for it, only action.

We need one more show run-through with the models and to update over 125 participants within 45 minutes of a new show detail. I still need to change my clothes, I’m sweating, no make-up, I’m me…. I’m in my element; addressing all the multi-leveled requests (from where’s the bathroom, a participant hasn’t checked in, the music additions, this model is missing and so much more).

I’m emotionless; my drive is to serve the participants, to be clear, to set expectations, and to direct the show to success. In this photo, you only see one model, a team member (in the background), and myself. What you don’t see is all the hustle and bustle going on, you don’t hear the noise, you see 100 of the 500 chairs empty. To the average person it would seem overwhelming, but to me, this photographed moment represents PEACE IN PURPOSE. It’s like I’ve stepped outside myself and TRANSCENDED past my own understanding. It’s a moment when thought and action work together. It’s a humbling state to be in, to see a vision carried out from a thought.

I’ve been asked these questions and have heard others in discussions ask; Who in their right mind would want to be an entrepreneur, who in their right mind would want to take on a project (with all the what if’s and uncertainties), not knowing what will happen. My response (in my head) was someone in their “Right Mind”. Especially, when you know how powerful you are. When you know your SUPER POWER.

We all have a purpose and with the right MINDSET, we can accomplish unimaginable things; so start IMAGING, start CREATING, start BUILDING, start LIVING, start stepping in YOUR PURPOSE.

Remember that through the hustle and bustle, when you’re in your purpose there is a peace, that will allow you to show up and show out.

So, let’s Show up and Show out!!!!!


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Let’s Create!

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