Thread the Needle

Live your dreams

Hi Fashion Creators, 

In this blog post I wanted to share with you my editors letter featured in the New Issue of the “UnZIP Exclusive”. (A mini-magazine full of fashion inspiration, business, and more.)

We all have that one thing (or many) desires always nagging at us inside to go for it, yet sometimes it’s ignored or pushed to another day. And most times it’s because we don’t think we can, we get consumed in life with others to-do lists and don’t make time for it, or we are scared! Are any of these your reason?

I’ve always had this fascination to trust God timing and process on my life. I told myself that no matter how nervous anxious, worried, or scared I get; I was going to pray, ask, pursue, lead, move, strive, design, and strut through it. I was going to move through my constant feelings of being uncomfortable to push my creativity and knowledge.

​I was going to live my life in purpose. If I had an idea, I was going to research, test it and do it. If it didn’t work, it wasn’t a failure, it was part of my continued growth. I was going to do more than try. I was going to give it my all and in that process I would make a positive impact and encourage other creators to do the same.

I, YOU, WE ​​have the power within and it’s up to us what we do with it. Sometimes you may not always feel like creating, but a CREATOR is who you are. ​So Create anyway. Don’t ignore it, Embrace it and learn how to thread the needle, which means move forward and put your ideas in action.

The title of this post is called “Thread the Needle” because you can’t begin sewing without threading the machine first. There are many more steps, to get to a finish goal and it will not always be easy. The key is to get started. Thread the dang-o needle, why don’t you.  Your talented and don’t wait on others. You will hear me say Let’s Create because your never truly alone in this journey; someone helps, collaborates, purchases from you, inspires you, features you, interviews you, shares your link, and so one. Yet, it’s going to take you to get out there and to show your target market the power of your ideas being brought to life. No one is going to do it for you, but once you put it into action you’re world will open up to more opportunities (possibly great and not so great), yet your moving in that direction.

Thread the Needle.

Let’s Create in Life, Love, Career. Let’s Create! ~Dlang

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