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GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND COMMUNITY WITH SIGNATURE EVENTS IN 30 DAYS OR LESS! Turn your offer into a repeatable event where you can connect, serve, and create sales on-demand. It's a great time to MONETIZE YOUR TIME ON STAGE. Even if your stage is a home office or an on brand designed corner of your room.


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"Create Your Virtual Stage" Training - Uplevel Your Virtual Events! Get hands-on training for setup, presentation, and content that converts. Achieve your event goals effortlessly. Virtual and Low tech options.
Event Strategist and Creative Director.
Hi! I'm Denisha, and I bring decades of experience in idea creation, logistics, and event planning to the table. From heart-pounding, high-stakes 5-figure launches to collaborating with million-dollar event teams, my journey spans every corner of this dynamic industry. I've worn many hats, from eager assistant and creative designer to cool-headed show-runner, producer, and friendly face at the door. With this diverse range of roles, I've gained a 360-degree view of what it takes to produce successful events. Have you ever experienced the disappointment of an event that fell short financially? I have, and that's why I'm here to guide you through event planning and execution. Let's start with what matters most to you and why it matters. It's important for me to set an example for my kids, especially since having a baby. This life transition inspired me to host more of my own virtual events. We all face personal transitions, but that shouldn't hinder us from being of service and generating sales. Whether you're transitioning, caring for a loved one, had a baby, or looking to grow your business, hosting events—especially virtual ones—is a powerful strategy. Schedule a consultation to plan your event and utilize it with your team, or let's explore how my team can handle the behind-the-scenes of your event. We'll set up your systems and help you craft your offer. Book your consultation today and let's bring your event vision to life!

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