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Discover how to transform your expertise into impactful offers, then utilize our proven system and launch blueprint to sell through live events.

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GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND COMMUNITY WITH SIGNATURE EVENTS IN 30 DAYS OR LESS! Turn your offer into a repeatable event where you can connect, serve, and create sales on-demand.

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Planning a significant event and seeking thorough consulting from inception to completion? Our 3-Day Plus Package provides expert guidance for launching a statewide event, incorporating best practices. Discover what our package encompasses:

Create Your Companies Virtual Stage

Step into the future of events with our 3-Day "Create Your Virtual Stage" Training - Master Virtual Events with Us! Get hands-on training for setup, presentation, and content that converts. Achieve your event goals effortlessly. Elevate your virtual game now!
Event Strategist and Creative Director.
Hi! I am Denisha! And I've been in the thick of event planning for decades! From those heart-pumping, high-stakes 5-figure launches to join million-dollar planning event teams. My journey's taken me through every nook and cranny of this world. I've been the eager assistant, the creative designer, the cool-headed show-runner, producer and even the one checking you in at the door. You name it, I've probably done it! Ever felt the sting of an event that didn't quite hit the mark financially? I've been there too! And let me tell you, it's more than just a numbers game. Successful events? They're a blend of solid strategy, tenacity, and a whole lot of organized tactics. Whether you're dreaming up an intimate gathering with 50-200 of your ideal clients or going big with a larger-than-life in-person conference OR a VIRUAL extravaganza. I've got the blueprint for you. It's all about making your event not just memorable, but also a profitable success. Let's dive in and make some epic live in-person or virtual event's together! And here’s how we do it! The Client Enrollment Using Events System Design the Perfect Offer Plan the Perfect In Person Event while Using Virtual Events to propel registration Sign more clients than ever before!

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